How to make a Home Gainer?

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How to make a Home Gainer?

If you want to gain mass , the Homemade Gainer can be useful. Besides, doing it yourself will be a lot more interesting than buying “out of the box” Gainers.

The most interested are mainly people who have trouble gaining weight and who want to gain muscle mass . That said, it’s a far too overrated dietary supplement for my liking (probably for the name), easy to sell to the less informed.

However, we must admit that in some cases, the Gainer can give a good boost to gain mass . The problem is knowing exactly what to put in it, to make the right Gainer for your situation, your goals and when to take it?

gainer maison

Before going into the kitchen, let’s take it step by step. Here is the summary:

What is a Bodybuilding Gainer?

It is important to remember that a Gainer is neither more nor less than a source of protein mixed with carbohydrates .

This makes gainer, an ideal high calorie snack , almost complete, easy to consume and carry.

And this is where you have to be careful! The quality of the ingredients (protein and carbohydrate) used in most of the Gainers on the market are low end. It will mainly be a simple whey concentrate with sugar, a lot of sugar, a cheap ingredient that sells for a high price. We therefore end up with a low-end, expensive gainer, with a protein / carbohydrate ratio that is far from optimal.

In the end, the promise will be kept. You will gain weight quickly, sure, but not the “right weight”. Only a little muscle for a lot of fat .

A quick note for thin people: when you’re just starting out and want to start weight gain, you neglect food and say to yourself “I have a lot of leeway”. Do not fall into this trap. Be patient and do not hide fat. It’s not aesthetic, it’s not the best level of health and it’s harder to lose it.

Make your house gainer, a safe bet!

Right now, making your Gainer home is the best solution. We inhibit (almost) all the disadvantages of a market gainer.

  • The choice of ingredients: you will be free to choose the source of protein and carbohydrate . The best for making a tailor-made Gainer (with, for example, a higher or lower glycemic index depending on when it is taken).
  • The price: it will come back to you in any case cheaper per kilo.
  • The quality: it will be difficult to do worse than a traditional Gainer.
  • The protein / carbohydrate ratio: As with the choice of ingredients, you can adjust the quantities, according to your nutritional needs . Some will need more protein than carbohydrate and vice versa.

Do you need to get a homemade Gainer?

Before taking Gainers, it is necessary to know if you really need them.

The Gainer is an easy to carry snack and allows you to multiply your meals, so it can help you reach your goals more easily if:

  • You have trouble eating or you are not eating enough.
  • You are often on the go and want to have a complete snack that is quick to consume.

In both cases, it is necessary to take stock of your diet before going any further. Nutrition is just one of the factors that promote muscle (re) construction. If your diet is already on top, but your training and your rest are totally random, then sheathing it will be a waste of money .

So you are probably asking yourself the question:

And how do I know if my diet is sufficient?

The subject is way too broad to cover everything in this article, but I will still give you the basics of sports nutrition and a method to know more or less your nutritional needs.

Sports nutrition basics

I will popularize as much as possible, this subject will be covered in detail in another article.

To have a balanced diet and adapted, it is important that your meals give you enough macronutrients and micronutrients to your body in the day.


Three in number, we find:

collation musculation

  • The proteins (4kcal / gr): Necessary to build muscle (BUT NOT THAT). The quality of the protein will depend in part on its aminogram (number of amino acids) and its biological value .
  • Carbohydrates (4kcal / gr): Used as the main source of energy by your body. (BUT NOT ONLY). The choice will be based on their glycemic index (more or less rapid sugar).
  • lipids (9kcal / gr): For the proper functioning of your body . (BUT NOT ONLY). Some fats are essential, others should be avoided and avoided.

This is really the minimum to remember.


Micronutrients are all vitamins and minerals. Also vital for the functioning of your body, the homemade gainer will give you unlike a gainer on the market.

Calculate your nutritional needs

Calorie needs will be different depending on your gender, your daily activity, your metabolism, your current weight, your age… I prefer to count macronutrients rather than calories. Look at the table to help you with your calculations:
Average values ​​for a bodybuilding practitioner :

Protein: 1.5 to 2gr / kg of body weight
Carbohydrate: 4 to 5gr / kg of body weight
Lipid: 1 to 1.5gr / kg of body weight

Example for a man who weighs 70 kg:
Protein: 2 x 70 = 140gr
Carbohydrate: 5 x 70 = 350gr
Fat: 1 x 70 = 70 gr

Daily Calories: (140 x 4Kcal) + (350 x 4Kcal) + (70 x 9Kcal) = 2590Kcal

After your calculation, you just need to write down how much you eat per day for a week and how much. At the end of the week, calculate the macronutrients (per day) and take an average. You can go directly to this site to find the nutritional values ​​of foods or directly use the MyFitnessPal application.

Even if you’re in the nails, try to incorporate a gainer during the day to have excess calories , for a good month. Take stock at the end to see any change.
You can use two indicators like your weight and your body fat . For a beginner, you should set a gap of about 2kg max per month. Beyond that you will make way too much fat over time. In this case, there is no need to take Gainers .

Note also that on days without physical activity, your body will not burn as many calories as on other days. If you practice other sports such as boxing where body weight is an important factor, it is best to match your daily calorie needs to your expenses. It allows you to gain strength without gaining a lot of weight.

If you clearly lack carbohydrate and / or protein during the day then you can move on to make your homemade gainer !

Choose the ingredients for your homemade gainer

Now is the time to play the cook, or rather the mathematician! The gainer must meet the following conditions:

  • Easy to transport
  • Quickly consumable
  • Complete

I know some people don’t necessarily like using “powder” as a source of protein. To satisfy everyone, I will give different homemade gainer recipes , with or without food supplement, but also for vegans . Gainers are in most cases in the form of protein shake .

In my experience, certain recipes and dosages are to be favored at certain times of the day. I’ll share this with you right away.

Choose your protein source

there is so much to say that it’s hard to get into everything here, I’ll keep it simple. If you are not lactose intolerant, go for ” whey ” (from milk). Here’s what to avoid:

  • Whey concentrate: cheaper but not a great composition
  • Hydrolyzate: It’s expensive and it digests (too) quickly. It can be interesting to take after a session. Some people tolerate it, for others it causes digestive problems (diarrhea …).

Isolate works well, see your budget. Casein is best if you have your snack before going to bed (digest slowly).

Personally I attach great importance to the ingredients that make up whey . The less, the better. I especially avoid sweeteners like Acesulfame-K which is present in most protein powders .

shaker musculation

If you are lactose intolerant, you may want to go for egg protein , an excellent source of protein, but more expensive. Meat protein should be avoided given the quality of the raw materials used.

If you are a vegetarian, you can use vegetable protein from soy or hemp. Namely that their anabolic potential will be much less than those of animal origin.
Regarding tastes, stay on safe values ​​(chocolate and vanilla), the rest quickly becomes disgusting. Even better, if you can stand the neutral taste, go for it! It is often cheaper and without sweeteners.

Keep in mind that taste and miscibility are not quality criteria for a protein powder , it is often the opposite. A good tasting protein powder that mixes well should alert you to the possible presence of additives or other unnecessary components.

Make your homemade Gainer without Whey

Of course, you can make your own homemade Gainer without whey, the downside is that it costs (much) more. The composition of food is not as good as that of food supplements and digestion is slower. Here are some protein-rich foods that are easy to transport and consume:

Of animal origin: Grison, dried beef, dried turkey, tuna in brine (canned), milk …

The meats are generally very salty. Compare products to avoid as much salt as possible and don’t consume too much.

Of plant origin: Spirulina, soya, (oleaginous fruits) …

Vegetable proteins are generally less interesting than animal proteins.

  • Spirulina is rich in protein but excessively expensive.
  • The oilseeds do not give the freedom to manage macronutrients, the balance is tilted in the side of lipids.
  • soy spills a lot of ink. The presence of isoflavones could have estrogenic effects (and therefore lower testosterone levels). Although some people disagree, you should still be careful about your soy intake.

Choose your source of carbohydrate

The homemade gainer offers the possibility of choosing a food with a higher or lower glycemic index (something impossible with a traditional gainer).

Simply put, the glycemic index tells you how quickly a food raises blood sugar levels, they are often called fast or slow sugars.

In most cases, “slow sugars” (low glycemic index) will be preferred. There is no point in wanting to increase your blood sugar quickly if it is not used. In this case, the insulin (hormone) will regulate blood sugar levels in the blood , most of the excess will be stored as fat.

Here is a list of foods with their glycemic index (GI), some examples:

  • top: Bread, cakes, soda, syrup, baked potato, rice (quick cooking), candy…
  • medium: Banana, honey, sweet potato, wholemeal paste, rice…
  • bottom: Oats, al dente paste, lentil, beans…

Note also that the type of cooking, the temperature and the processing of the food greatly influences its GI. For example, basmati rice cooked quickly and having had time to cool does not have the same GI as rice cooked quickly and served hot.

In any case, I recommend these two foods to compose a homemade sheather : oats (flake or powder) for a low / medium GI and ripe banana for a medium / high GI.
From experience and after numerous tests, I mainly compose my homemade oatmeal Gainers.

I replace oats with 2 or 3 bananas if I have the snack after my weight training . Since glycogen stores are low after a workout, the banana GI can quickly give the body what it needs.

Choose your source of lipid

To have a complete Home Gainer , it is best to add a source of fat to your snack. Very caloric , a good handful of almonds, walnuts or cashews will do the trick.

I only advise against adding fat if the gainer is consumed after weight training, as it will slow down digestion, the opposite of what you are looking for.

Be careful not to take any roasted / salted nuts or almonds.

Make a success of your homemade gainer: Recipe and dosage

To make it easier for you, I will give you the recipes and dosages I use to make my homemade Gainers . The oilseeds have almost the same values, you can replace those in the tables while keeping the same dosages. Remember to adjust the amounts according to your needs and the number of meals / snacks you eat per day.

Winning express house: When you don’t have time

Simple recipes to make a gross house sheathing mat , to do when you’re in a hurry. It’s far from a feast, but it’s quick to make and very complete.
When to take it: between meals, in the morning or an hour before training.

Dosage (approximately):

  • 60% carbohydrate
  • 25% protein
  • 15% lipid

With food supplement:

You can replace whey with another protein such as egg protein, the nutritional values ​​are almost the same.

Amount Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Vanilla powdered oats 100 gr 67 gr 14 gr 6 gr 402 Kcal
Pure native vanilla whey 15 gr 1 gr 13 gr 0 gr 56 Kcal
1 handful of almonds 20 gr 2 gr 4 gr 11 gr 127 Kcal
TOTAL 70 gr 31 gr 17 gr 585 Kcal
59% 26% 14%

Without protein powder:

You can replace the grison with another meat (dried beef…)


Quantity Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Kcal
Vanilla powdered oats 100gr 67gr 14gr 402Kcal
Grison meat 30gr 0gr 11gr 2gr 60Kcal
1 handful of almonds 20gr 4gr 11gr 127Kcal
TOTAL 69gr 29gr 19gr 589Kcal
59% 25% 16%
Quantity Carbohydrates Protein Lipids Kcal
Banana (small / medium) 3 72gr 5gr 0gr 324Kcal
Grison meat 50gr 0gr 19gr 3gr 101Kcal
1 large handful of almonds 25gr 2gr 5gr 13gr 159Kcal
TOTAL 74gr 29gr 16gr 584Kcal
62% 24% 13%



Quantity Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Kcal
Vanilla powdered oats 100gr 67gr 14gr 402Kcal
Hemp protein 25gr 4gr 12gr 3gr 103Kcal
1 handful of almonds 20gr 4gr 11gr 127Kcal
TOTAL 73gr 30gr 20gr 632Kcal
59% 24% 16%


Quantity Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Kcal
Vanilla powdered oats 100gr 67gr 14gr 402Kcal
Soy protein 15gr 0gr 13gr 1gr 58Kcal
1 handful of almonds 20gr 4gr 11gr 127Kcal
TOTAL 69gr 31gr 18gr 587Kcal
58% 26% 15%

Home gain post-workout: for rapid muscle recovery

This homemade gainer is to be taken after a good weight training session. The stores of muscle glycogen are low and the protein + carbohydrate combination is excellent for secreting a lot of insulin. Glucose will get to the muscles faster. I deliberately removed the lipids so as not to slow down digestion. Bananas are best eaten very ripe.

When to take it: After training

Dosage (approximately):

  • 70% carbohydrate
  • 30% protein
  • 0% lipid

With food supplement:

Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Banana 3 72gr 5gr 0gr 324Kcal
Pure native vanilla whey 30gr 2gr 26gr 0gr 112Kcal
TOTAL 74gr 31gr 0gr 436Kcal
70% 30% 0%

Without protein powder:

Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Banana 3 72gr 5gr 0gr 324Kcal
Grison meat 70gr 0gr 26gr 4gr 141Kcal
TOTAL 72gr 31gr 4gr 465Kcal
67% 29% 4%


Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Banana 2 48gr 4gr 0gr 216Kcal
Hemp protein 50gr 8gr 24gr 7gr 206Kcal
TOTAL 56gr 28gr 7gr 422Kcal
62% 31% 8%
Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Banana 3 72gr 5gr 0gr 324Kcal
Soy protein 30gr 1gr 26gr 1gr 116Kcal
TOTAL 73gr 31gr 1gr 440Kcal
70% 30% 0%

Gainer maison gourmand: to savor your snack

The house gainer to do when you’re at home and want to enjoy the taste of your snack. A very complete cocktail with a fruity taste. To mix it all up, just put everything inside a Blender. You can replace blackberry and whey with other red fruits and another source of protein powder (soy, egg, etc.), the dosage is the same. You can also add a little milk, water or even ice cubes to have a slightly more liquid texture and a cold drink.

When to take it: between meals, in the morning or one hour before training.

Dosage (approximately):

  • 60% carbohydrate
  • 25% protein
  • 15% lipid


Quantity Carbohydrates Proteins Lipids Kcal
Pure native vanilla whey 20gr 1gr 17gr 75Kcal
Banana 2 48gr 4gr 0gr 216Kcal
1 handful of almonds 25gr 5gr 13gr 159Kcal
1/2 skimmed milk 200ml 7gr 3gr 100Kcal
Blackberry 30gr 3gr 0gr 0gr 13Kcal
TOTAL 64gr 33gr 16gr 450Kcal
57% 29% 14%

If you want to do this Gainer without whey , you can remove it and consume a source of protein on the side, which provides about 20 grams of protein (50 grams of dried meat or 200 grams of 0% cottage cheese for example).

Anti-catabolic home enhancer: to sleep without lacking anything

If you haven’t eaten enough during the day, you can always make this slow-digesting Whole Home Gainer. We sleep between 6 to 8 hours, so this is ideal given the time gap between the evening meal and breakfast.

The strengths and the source of protein is different. Some people don’t like to eat carbohydrates before bed, to me that’s a mistake. Personally, I don’t gain more fat and I know that if I don’t eat carbohydrates in the evening, I will be less strong and less enduring for the weight training session the next day. If you are ectomorphic and have trouble gaining weight, you can try keeping the carbs down to see how your body is responding.

When to take it: Before going to bed

Dosage (approximately):

  • 45% carbohydrate
  • 35% protein
  • 20% lipid

With food supplement:

Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Powdered oats 60gr 40gr 8gr 4gr 241Kcal
Casein 25gr 3gr 19gr 1gr 89Kcal
1 large handful of almonds 25gr 2gr 5gr 13gr 159Kcal
TOTAL 45gr 32gr 18gr 489Kcal
47% 34% 19%

Without protein powder:


Quantity Carbohydrate Protein Fat Kcal
Oatmeal 30gr 6gr 3gr 161Kcal
Fromage blanc 0% 250gr 11gr 19gr 0gr 123Kcal
1 large handful of almonds 25gr 2gr 5gr 13gr 159Kcal
TOTAL 43gr 30gr 16gr 443Kcal
48% 34% 18%

You have everything you need to make Homemade Gainers and succeed in your mass gain ! Less expensive, of better quality and adapted to your needs. Remember, the Gainer is not a quick fix, it just helps you meet your calorie needs. Stay reasonable, take one or more twice a day and space your meals / snacks for several hours (3h30 / 4h30). It’s not a prescription either, take breaks every now and then.

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